Cartozia is a world of many stories.

An Indy Anthology

Each issue of Cartozia Tales  will feature stories by nine indy cartoonists. Each of us will be bringing his or her separate ideas, imagination, and drawing style to the world that we're sharing. Every issue will be full of surprises, and no one knows where the stories will wind up.

An All-Ages Magazine

Cartozia Tales will come right to your mailbox, and  every issue will have ways for subscribers to interact with the storytelling process.

All of Cartozia Tales  is kidsafe: if you can read, you're part of the audience we imagine.

A Quirky Fantasy World

Cartozia is not quite like any other fantasy world. We might have griffins and goblins, but we've also got vicu├▒icorns, phibbits, and the Loutra-Merre. And we've planned some secrets that will only be hinted at for the first few issues. 


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