Mike Wenthe

pseudo-portrait of Mike

pseudo-portrait of Mike

Mike has been cartooning off and on, in one way or another, since age 7. Since 2001, he has had the most fun making comics as part of a team—often with Isaac Cates, making Satisfactory Comics. Every comic he's made has taught him something, often something unexpected. He's going to be collaborating with Isaac for one of the nine sectors in each issue of Cartozia Tales.

His childhood reading included Walt Kelly's Pogo, Edgar Allan Poe and Laura Ingalls Wilder, and a variety of other books, both classics and trash. It's all in the mix.

Mike is originally from Georgia, but he now lives in Washington, DC, where he teaches in a high school.

Where might you find Mike in Cartozia? On a bad day, he might be hiding out in Oublia for a while. But on good days he'd probably prefer sitting atop the Waiting Watcher, looking out from its peak to see as much of the world as you can.