Isaac Cates

drawn by Charles Forsman

drawn by Charles Forsman

Isaac Cates is the editor of Cartozia Tales. Teamed up with Mike Wenthe, he is also one of the core contributors.

Isaac has been teaching, making, and writing about comics since 2001. With Mike, he has published eight issues of Satisfactory Comics and a bunch of other little minicomics. He has drawn alphabets of animals both real and imaginary, and he's working on an alphabet of robots.

When he was a kid, Isaac read about a lot of fantasy worlds—Oz, Xanth, Prydain—and he was also a pretty voracious reader of superhero comics. He also really liked poring over D&D modules and monster manuals.

His favorite place in Cartozia would probably be the Library of Erissa. Or maybe the islands of Bhi Mhidt and Fa Phyght.

He teaches at the University of Vermont and lives in Burlington.