Lucy Bellwood

self-portrait of Lucy

self-portrait of Lucy

Lucy may be the youngest member of our team, but she has already made a name for herself with her autobiographical sailing series Baggywrinkles and her longer comic, True Believer, published via a hit Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Her work has also appeared in Symbolia magazine and Cloudscape Comics's Waterlogged anthology.

You can peruse Lucy's comics at her website and buy print copies in her store. Originally from the orange-laden valley of Ojai, California, she now draws comics all day at Periscope Studio in Portland, Oregon.

When not chained to her drawing board, Lucy sails tall ships up and down the West Coast, teaches and competes in Portland's Blues dance scene, and knits like a fiend. 

In Cartozia, Lucy would probably be found aloft on a vessel out beyond Thurim's Gate, searching for the place where the tradewinds begin — even if it took her off the edge of the map.