All But the Covers

The first issue of Cartozia Tales  is all ready to go to the printer, except for the covers, which should be arriving from our two cover artists early next week. That delay is sort of a bummer — I'd really hoped to be shipping the first issue by now — but I don't want to rush our cover artists, because I know good work takes time.

The good news is that the work on the second issue is already coming together. Almost everyone has figured out an outline of his or her story, and I've even seen four pages of finished work already. The second issue's going to come together faster than the first one did!

I'll post more news once I get the first issue off to the printer next week. 

Getting started:

If you're visiting this page of, then you're seeing some of the first steps in our process. The website is ready to accept pre-orders, and the stories for Cartozia Tales #1 are appearing in Isaac's mailbox. He'll send them to our cover artist for the first issue, Leah Palmer Preiss. Then he'll gather the material for the front and back sections of the magazine and send everything to the print shop for our forty-page debut issue.

Meanwhile, the cartoonists will start work on Cartozia Tales #2. Both of the first two issues should be ready before August, when we're going to start a Kickstarter campaign to fund the whole year's worth of ten issues. Every subscription we get before then will help to set the Kickstarter target a little lower.

If we hit our Kickstarter goal (and I really think we can), then all ten issues of this first year will be paid for—both the printing and the modest per-page rate that the cartoonists receive. 

If we don't hit our Kickstarter goal in September, we'll have to recalculate a little bit, but we'll make sure every subscriber gets a refund for any unpublished issues.

The future of Cartozia Tales will rely on word-of-mouth promotion. If you like what you see here, subscribe—and tell your friends, your classmates, your library, your Facebook wall, the world. We're excited to see what Cartozia is going to become.