Six More Spooky Minicomics


Six More Spooky Minicomics


Six short spooky minicomics in verse, written by our core collaborators Isaac Cates and Mike Wenthe, and illustrated by a half dozen terrific cartoonists:

"Three Monsters, Defanged," illustrated by J. Chris Campbell

"Why You Shouldn't Wear Just Any Mack Bear's Mark" illustrated by Shawn Cheng

"Where Drowned Lads Dance," illustrated by Glynnis Fawkes

"The Essence of Witchcraft," illustrated by Caitlin Lehman

"The Spirited Story-Tellers," illustrated by James Stowe

"The Carrion Caravan of Tú," illustrated by Nicholas Straight


These six little books (3.5" x 4.25") are suitable for handing out to trick-or-treaters. You can order them in larger quantities here. They ship as the "bonus" with the sixth issue of Cartozia Tales for bonus-level subscribers.

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