Reprint of issue #1 arrives next week!

We are pretty excited here at Cartozia Headquarters, because the expanded reprint of Cartozia Tales #1 will be arriving from the print shop early next week. (It's all printed, as of Thursday morning, and just needs to be bound and delivered.) You can pre-order it now in the shop.

This is the long-awaited product of our second Kickstarter, with new covers by Kate Leth (front) and Lucy Bellwood (back), the original guest stories by Jon Lewis and Dylan Horrocks, and new one-page guest stories by Graham Annable, Zander Cannon, Tom Kaczynski, Caitlin Lehman, Dylan Meconis, Chris Schweizer, and Spike Trotman! (I hope you can tell that's an amazing line-up of talented friends chipping in to make this issue special.)

I've made a few updates in the store, and I'm gearing up to ship all the comics earned by our Kickstarter backers (244 of them). Issue 9 is getting close to finished, too — you can follow @Cartozia on Twitter to see its progress day by day.