#1 has shipped!

I'm happy to say that I have now shipped Cartozia Tales  #1 to everyone who ordered it in advance of printing. There are still plenty of copies if you don't have yours yet.

People have  been saying good things about it, and the contributors have been really happy with the way it turned out. One thing that's hard to convey over the internet is the feel of the paper stock we're using and the heft of the book. Lucy Bellwood has a little bit to say about that on her Tumblr.

That's Isaac's big hand, not Lucy's.

That's Isaac's big hand, not Lucy's.

Credit where credit is due: the people at Queen City Printers did a really nice job with the book, and they were great about getting me involved with reviewing the process. They were also really speedy. It's nice to be able to work with a local print shop!  

More than half of the pages for issue #2 are already in my hands, and I'm really excited to see how some of these plots are developing. The book should be ready before SPX in mid-September for sure.

Meanwhile, I am getting our Kickstarter project page ready. Subscriptions will be cheaper here through the website before we start the Kickstarter (because Kickstarter takes a cut), and every subscription we get before then will lower our target goal, so please don't wait till we're running it if you already know you want to subscribe.

I'll put up a new post when the first issue gets some reviews.