One Week Until Kickstarter

I received approval yesterday for the Cartozia Tales Kickstarter project, and I've spend some time since then fine-tuning it, adding more rewards, etc. Some things will get reorganized here on the website when I start it up, but the biggest change is that subscriptions will not be available through our BigCartel store for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign. For obvious reasons, I want to steer new subscribers toward the Kickstarter site so they can help us reach the goal.

If you're thinking about subscribing, you should know this: subscriptions-as-Kickstarter-rewards will be a little more expensive than the subscriptions I've been selling directly, because Kickstarter and Amazon skim about 10% off the pledges or payments before they reach us. If you know someone who would really like Cartozia Tales, see if you can convince him or her to sign up before August 15 — that will save your friend a few dollars (about 10%).

And here's the thing: right now I am planning to set the Kickstarter goal at $42,500. (That's actually not quite enough to pay for all ten issues. If we only get that much, I'll publish the series gambling on future business to come in before I need more money.)

BUT: for every $60 or $54 subscription we get before the 15th, I will lower that figure by $60. For every $80 or $72 subscription, I'll drop it $80. (Those odd-increment numbers are for nine-issue subscriptions, which start with issue #2, for people who got #1 by itself.)

Having a lower Kickstarter goal increases our chance of success, so please do spread the word. And don't worry: there will be lots of Kickstarter rewards tailored to current subscribers, too!

A shot of the Kickstarter page, in progress, this morning.

A shot of the Kickstarter page, in progress, this morning.