I Should Post Something! (I know.)

It's been a long while since I posted an update here, mostly because I was making posts through Kickstarter while our Kickstarter campaign was running. It succeeded a few months ago, and we are still working on issue #3, I'm sorry to say.

(Production on issue #3 was slowed down by a variety of one-time factors, ranging from illnesses to, you know, Kickstarter fulfillment. But it's within a hair's breadth of being done. I'll post an update here when I get it to the print shop.)

The good news is that issue #4, which guest-stars Jon Chad and Chris Wright, will not be nearly so slow coming together. In fact, it's a third of the way finished already. 

Collaboration is funny: it can mean progress is very slow (as each collaborator can have problems or emergencies) or very rapid (because many hands make light work).

Well, to whet your appetite, let me show you Damien Jay's cover image for issue #3, featuring characters designed by Shawn Cheng and Evan Dahm: